Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Sketches

I have been working on some sketches for my new fairy tale themed characters/stories I plan to make for xmas, I am planning to create some mixed media pieces based on these ideas. I was really inspired by the work I saw at the Ruthin Craft Centre, and I've always had a passion for a dark fairy tale.


tastabillo said...

hi, I am from spain.
My name is Pedro.
i like your sketches.

i have sketches too in my blog.
in secction"dibujos mios"
sorry for my bad inglish.

Deb said...

love your sketchbook pages caroline. it is always good to keep one with you at all times for when inspiration and imagination strikes! dx.

Carolinemorriz said...

Yes, this is my new fairy tale collection of inspiration and sketches, ill show you some photos of my new work on tues! x