Tuesday, 19 August 2008

New Sketches

I have been working on some sketches for my new fairy tale themed characters/stories I plan to make for xmas, I am planning to create some mixed media pieces based on these ideas. I was really inspired by the work I saw at the Ruthin Craft Centre, and I've always had a passion for a dark fairy tale.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Business Banner

I started knitting a summer scarf back in April with some lovely Jaeger ROMA wool I got on sale at Hobbycraft. Unfortunately I didnt pick up enough and the scarf was very short, so I decided to turn it into a banner for me to use on my craft stall! I used some ribbon lace for the trim and cut up an old shirt for the lettering.


I went on a lace and ribbon hunt, and see what I found... oooooo

Ruthin Craft Centre

Whilst in Ruthin for the weekend we visited the newly opened Ruthin Craft Centre its a great building, very modern, and is home to three galleries, six artist studios, a retail gallery and residency workshops. It is very similar to Manchester's craft centre in its aims. The exhibition that caught my eye was Andrew Logans magnificent jewelled portraits of Gandhi, Sian Phillips, Zandra Rhodes and Maria Callas and all of the dazzling sculptures he has created! I loved how the Mosaic tiles and glass twinkled in the gallery creating a really magical atmosphere! His work has a great sense of humour also, which makes you smile as you walk around the many portraits on display. As well as sculpture there was a large amount of jewelry on display, which is also available to buy!

I was also very happy to find work by Julie Arkell on sale in the retail gallery. I discovered her work at the knitting and stitch show in Birmingham last year and fell in love with it! Julie has created a world of people, creatures and surroundings from papier-mâché and mixed media including wool, fabric and old jewelry. Her 'Folk Art' creations are a joy to look at and a real inspiration to any crafter! I love the fairytale themes and handmade authenticity of her work and one day hope to be able to afford just one piece of her papier-mâché world.

Crafts & Castles

This weekend my fiance took me on a Romantic weekend break to stay in Ruthin Castle in North Wales, It's a beautiful building, with alot of history and we spent alot of time exploring the grounds and taking lots and lots of photographs...

Monday, 11 August 2008

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Lo-Fi DIY High

So.... I went along to the Manchester Craft Mafia event 'Lo-Fi DIY' tonight, and had a great time, I just wanted to post some piccies of what I made there....

I found it a great way to meet like-minded people who love crafting and talking about crafting, I really hope this becomes a more regular event....and I will be there with 'buttons' on!!!

Photos from the event:


Smarty pants rag dolls....

I like smart people, I love smart kids.... thats why Im really liking my new Sleepy friends... 'Prim and Proper' and 'Smarty Pants'