Friday, 18 April 2008

Rags to Bitches Dressmaking courses

So, I have this dream of making my own wedding dress, and now Im engaged I really need to take some steps towards this, so for my birthday my lovely fiance has offered to pay for this course at Rags to Bitches, a vinatge clothes shop in Manchester.

Get the best from your sewing machine

This course is for all of you who have sewing machines at home but don't know how to get the best out of them.
Our teacher, Jenna Barnes, is a machinist with several years experience in industry. She will teach you how to work your sewing machine, how to do pockets, button holes and lots of stitching techniques. If you want to learn how to sew this is the course for you. Places are limited to 6 people to ensure individual tuition.

The Black Apple

Amazing, Emily Martin is a real inspiration, her artwork, crafts, home, domesticity, fashion and lifestyle. I have bought this amazing painting from her etsy shop, I like it as it looks alot like me knitting :-) I think I have found a new obsession. Please take a look you wont be disappointed!

Blythe Card

I've really been getting into Blythe dolls lately, I love them because they have so much character and expression.... and this results in them looking like people you know, even some that look like me, but that isnt hard due to my large blue eyes which have become my most recogniseable feature. I just wish I had the outfits they do. This one is my favourite so far so I made a little card, a good idea for friends cards too...

Find the little darlings at...

Bird Purse

Using the same bird motif I used on the cushion I made this little purse, thats very handy for keeping copied CD's. important papers, jewelrey, or anything I fancy in. I used the eco-wool I used for the small purse to sew up the sides and brown felt.

I love birds...

Summer Scarf

I've started working on this summer scarf, using some lovely muted colours of Jaeger ROMA I picked up half price from Hobbycraft. Its nice and delicate, perfect for a chilly summer evening!