Monday, 18 August 2008

Business Banner

I started knitting a summer scarf back in April with some lovely Jaeger ROMA wool I got on sale at Hobbycraft. Unfortunately I didnt pick up enough and the scarf was very short, so I decided to turn it into a banner for me to use on my craft stall! I used some ribbon lace for the trim and cut up an old shirt for the lettering.


Deb said...

orrrrr wow1 the banner you made is so cool! when are you having a stall? dx.

Carolinemorriz said...

Im going to do an xmas stall at my local church, I think people will buy more stuff at something like this...because all the other stalls are just pull of rubbish! hehe. x

Inspector Marmalade said...

hey caroline! thank you so much for your comment! I think you and deb are the only people that like that picture hehe at uni my lecturers werent too keen.

I love this! I like how you turned it into a banner when it turned out too short ^_^ genious idea! I cant knit unfortunatly but my mum can so I am surrounded by amazingly knitted blankets ^_^
Are you having a stall this year?

Keep up the great work! xox