Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Handmade by Halo progress. . .

My stamp finally arrived, and I also bought a chocolate brown ink pad! I think it looks pretty good... So, now I start to leave my mark on all my handmade goods. At the moment these will mostly be xmas pressies and I may look into selling on Etsy in the new year. . . but who's rushing?!

Below is one of my recent projects, some wrist warmers, who are now going to my friend Hayley for her trip to New York this month, I just need to finish the other one!

Then I'm actually going to knit myself something as I seem to be doing alot for others and not enough to keep me warm...and it is getting colder now.


Catherine Louise Brown said...

love your stamp Caroline :) where did you order it from? you should definitely start selling on Etsy, i bet you would do brill! x x x

Carolinemorriz said...

Thanks Cat!!! Yeah, I was really impressed with the stamp, I ordered it online from the US, I think it was rubberstamp.com, I'll find out for sure for you if you like?! It only cost me £9 with shipping :-) I think Im going to learn some more skills before jumping onto Etsy....Im enjoying the learning process, and I want to make some quality goods! How are you getting on? xxx