Thursday, 25 October 2007

Knitted presents

This week I've been rushing to finish a hat for a friends b'day on Sat. I made one for myself a few weeks ago and alot of people have commented on how nice it is. I finished it last night. Its a really easy pattern from a blog I found called Treats & Treasures It has some lovely designs, patterns and inspirations from Marieke Berghuis Leewens in Amsterdam.
I decided to go with an camoflage green colour as I know the recipient wears alot of army colours and would be more likely to actually wear it if it matched his clothes. Anyway, this is the result, I also made a card with a lego robot on it...

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Catherine Louise Brown said...

heya lovely!
Glad to see you as a fellow blogger ;) only just read your comment now, ive been really busy and time flies doesnt it?
Your blog looks fantastic, very you,hope its goin ok? will add your link to my bar,
take care spk soon xxx