Monday, 16 June 2008

Russian Doll

I have had an obsession with Russian Dolls since I was a little girl, my gran used to collect them and promised me that I would inherit them. Sadly I didn't and I have no idea what happened to them. Ever since I have been attracted to them, and anything with the Russian doll pattern, which seems to be around at the moment. Anyway, I have been wanting to try this out and it worked pretty good, i made the pattern myself and its made from felt and some bits and pieces I had lying around such as buttons and small fabric flowers! I think its pretty cute!


Gigibird said...

Hello Caroline:)

Russian dolls.....have you searched on Flickr for images of them? I have and have put a few in my favourites.....

Welcome to Blogland:):):)

Carolinemorriz said...

Hey, I have just read your comment, I forgot to change the email where my comments are sent too! ah well! I know, so many russian dolls around at the moment, its great!


Laura CheBirba said...

I love it!!
Laura from Italy